The new Gurdjieff Enneagram, since demonstrated to Ouspensky, is created through this mathematically female process:

The new Gurdjieff Enneagram, since demonstrated to Ouspensky, is created through this mathematically female process:

In the event that Gurdjieff had got the means to access the new basics out of Vortex Math because demonstrated from the ), he could features elaborated after that to your Enneagram plus revealed the statistical derivation from the Vortex Mathematics from “The fresh new Nirioonossian-World-Sound” while the revealed in the Rules of Heptaparaparshinokh, Ch 40: “becoming just that voice, the vibrations where was blued telefonní číslo indeed taken from ancient times – and also currently there, remains drawn, it is true, having an extremely few your own favorites, naturally, of this exact same China – because of their sound-generating instruments given that ‘absolute vibrations’ of your mention ‘do’.”

  • Mark nine circumstances for the a group numbered step 1,dos,step 3,cuatro,5,6,seven,8, which have nine at the top
  • Separate the fresh new number step one thanks to 6 by the seven to the ‘Law out of Sevenfoldness’ yielding step one/7, 2/7, 3/7, 4/eight, 5/7, 6/seven offering: .142857142857142857. .285714285714. .428571. .571428. .714285. .857142 .
  • Remember that these show secure the exact same repeating decimal
  • Draw a column linking these types of number towards circle (Keep in mind that this new repeating quantitative numbers when added together equal nine (1+4+2+8+5+7=27=9)
  • Brand new forgotten amounts step three, six, and you may 9 can then be connected to make an inner triangle on it apex above. ****Hence brand new well-known symbol looks***(We will see one to Vortex Math possess an equivalent triangle in which 3 and you will six continually swap urban centers.)
  • Furthermore, ‘s the assignment of your own 7 positions of your octave once the follows: ‘re’ to put step one, ‘mi’ to position 2, ‘fa’ to position 4, ‘sol’ to position 5, ‘la’ to put 7 and ‘ti’ to put 8. The latest apex of your own triangle at the 9 will then be ‘do’ in order to depict straight down ‘do’ and its conclusion from the highest ‘do’. Ergo the brand new Gurdjieff Enneagram integrate legislation out of Seven (Heptaparaparshinokh), legislation out of About three (Triamazikamno), legislation regarding Ninefoldness, this new sacred rules out of Half dozen (the interior lines), and rules out of Twelve (the latest intersection of them lines on interior triangle).

That performer in between try a great pivot section toward most other performer who is gone regarding the point-on the right to help you a point towards kept into the remaining performer to-be the fresh rotate section for the next put

This is actually the Gurdjieff Enneagram with you can outlines shown within this it in the yellow and eco-friendly toward notes assigned:

In my basic lecture: “The key to Soul Is within the Lost Stopinder on the Dining Octave”, I disregard the internal vector outlines and use only the notes additionally the triangle of your Enneagram to prove one to a compound try missing within ‘la’ on Food Octave in the Section 39 out of “Beelzebub’s Tales to help you Their Grandson” and you can conjecture exactly what it is.

You to blogger, Richard J. Defouw, in his publication: “The newest Enneagram in the Web log off Gurdjieff” (Amazon), being mostly of the you to definitely accepted the newest forgotten compound ‘la’, outlines to display one ‘la’ try intentionally left out in buy to demonstrate the experience of your vectors on Enneagram. The guy helps it from the showing one to Beelzebub’s six “Voyages with the Planet” and other processes in this book stick to the Enneagram purchase, regardless if he believes you to definitely Enneagram was not explicitly mentioned. His interpretation of one’s Enneagram process is attractive even if I believe one my provider of one’s missing ‘la’ is simpler.

On webpage 78, Richard suggests a chart of performers creating a beneficial “level de- 2”

I became intrigued by this and you can depending the following cartoon which pursue the new heart of Richard’s diagram away from six possibilities. For the performers I made use of the angel and devil out-of the fresh safety model of new prospectus toward Gurdjieff Institute (1919). Technically, the latest angel is supposed to represent the newest inactive push in addition to demon the newest energetic force; in my contour he is swapping natures alternately. The fresh demon therefore the angel remove both inside the network. From the dancing We inform you the brand new angel strolling off ‘la’ in order to ‘ti’ to support the trouble of your shed position ‘la’ in the Eating s match the author’s.

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